What are your eating habits? By Shel Bowden

This is an extract from this months Fibromyalgia Magazine.
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Eating habits are often talked about on our Facebook group UK Fibromyalgia, with some members eating more than they should but other members can’t eat at all so this month we asked the group “What are your eating habits?”, this month we decided to let members add their own options to be voted on too. These are the results of our survey:

I regularly skip meals as unable to prepare them 101 votes
I eat whatever I have to hand                                                  54 votes
I eat junk food occasionally                                                    34 votes
My IBS seriously restricts the types of food that I can eat (member added option) 21 votes
I have changed my diet to benefit my health conditions 21 votes
I eat regular meals                                            18 votes
I snack in the night as I can’t sleep 16 votes
I am only able to graze throughout the day, can’t eat 3 meals a day. (member added option) 11 votes
I eat balanced meals 8 votes
I could eat for England  6 votes
Constantly craving for sugar (member added option) 3 votes
I never eat as feel sick often 3 votes
only eat breakfast  (member added option) 1 votes

We also ask our members to share their opinions on the survey and these are some of their comments:

KWL said “I hardly ever eat I don’t get hungry and often go days without food”

LC said “To be honest, I usually force myself to eat easy-swallow food just to take pain meds (4 to 6 x daily). I do my best to eat one proper meal but it’s a fraction of the size I could manage before this bloody condition raised it head.”

KWL responded to LC “LC my other half and I went into a cafe that we only use now again but they remember me because of the purple on my wheelchair, when we go in S orders a meal and 2 coffees, the meal comes over with an extra plate or bowl and extra cutlery and then S gives me some of his they never mind and wont charge us extra, some places let me have children’s portions, if not we will get 2 small meals and Sean will have some of mine, i went to Ikea to buy some bits, we ordered some food, I had a children’s meal and just couldn’t eat it all, the thing I hate is that we used to go out for a meal but can’t do that now, we were at the beach, we ordered fish and chips I couldn’t eat much of it, what I did was buy some Tupperware kind of stuff so I can put anything in those and save it for later not with the fish unless I’m not keeping it for long obviously, S wanted a subway I got a 6inch one cut in two I ate one half and the other is in the fridge “

DL said “I have completely lost my appetite so just pick every now and again “

JPB said “I get full really quickly “

CC said “Can’t eat breakfast, snack for lunch and a decent evening meal“

From this survey it seems that a lot of our members have issues with preparing food due to not being well enough and eat what they can, which can be an issue as most diets for fibromyalgia recommend that we eat less/no processed food and eat fresh food where ever possible. One recommendation for this is that if you have a good, well better than normal, day that you should batch cook healthy meals and freeze them, another is if you are more able in the morning prep a meal and put it in a slow cooker so that you have a healthy meal or meals to eat later in the day.

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